Ipack Ima fair from 19th to 23rd May





Mac Autoadesivi will be exhibiting at Ipack Ima fair, the most attractive Packaging exhibition on an international scale.

The Fair will take place in Milan from 19th to 23rd May, in conjunction with Expo.

Visit our stand ! We will be in hall 6, stand A01 B04

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Rohm & Haas’ award for MAC Autoadesivi, Multinational Company Dow Chemical recognizes MAC Autoadesivi as its best Customer in Western Europe


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From the daily “Il Sole 24 Ore”, the most important Italian newspaper for Economy, Stock Market and Finance


Speaking of Mac Autoadesivi Srl, a company located in Capraia and Limite sull’Arno (FI), means referring to Antonella Capaccioli, Carlo Gigante and Alessio Capaccioli: this is MAC’s big family, where personal and business values find their inspiring ideal.
Mac is on the one hand the sum of Antonella Capaccioli’s recklessness , dynamism and energy, on the other hand is the result of pragmatism and technical- managerial skills of Carlo Gigante and Alessio Capaccioli, respectively Antonella’s husband and niece. They are always engaged to make production  processes more and more effective and efficient, following high standards of quality and safety.
Antonella started as entrepreneur, so deep was her desire to realize dreams and to be fulfilled: endowed with temper and a loyal and fair spirit of competition , as well as a deep inner strength.
Certainly MAC industries would have never achieved its current success without Carlo’s technical monitoring, or without the respect of quality procedures, supervised by Alessio.
Antonella Capaccioli often repeats to her managers “Things don’t just happen, you have to act to make them happen”. And again “It’s smartness, hard work, conviction and dedication which create opportunities”.
Only with these interpretations you can understand why Mac has soon become, not only a leading company in the production of acrylic tapes, a pioneering technology by the time it was adopted, but also a reality which succeeds in realizing 95% of its turnover abroad, very rare for Italians companies.
Two words must be spent about the meaning of being an industry today.
Industry is not the purpose but the means trough which functional objects can be replicated infinite times faster and faster.
This is an important concept in the industrial history of Mac Autoadesivi, that grew up and became mature in a market which trusts in it, thanks to the structural strength of the industry, with a strong craftsmanship.
Mac’s family, the world of adhesive tapes, Antonella, the staff and the machines: all these words together create the final purpose of the business plan , which aims to giving all elements of the puzzle their right importance. Nothing has happened by chance so far, nothing will happen by chance in the future.

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Blister Adhesive Stamp

Art: 95501

adesive stamp logo

Support of blister: Cardboard

• Ideal for marking evelopes, packages, documents and photocopies.
• Easy to use
• Pratical for office and home use, doesn’t fade and doesn’t dirty one’s hands.

adhesive stamp


1 printed roll 19mmx20m e dispenser

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